Image NOTES by Rachel Cobb


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Food and Things

I am happy I took as much food with me as I did. I unfortunately am a picky vegetarian so I hate oatmeal every day. The rest of the students and teaches did take part in local cuisine. I would walk around while they ate, but I stopped by at this one meal to see the left overs. Not much, just a couple fish heads... not my cup of tea at all. And speaking of tea, I expected to have a lot of tea there. No coffee, they are a country of coffee drinkers. Coffee everywhere, even vending machines. I was happy and good coffee too.

At the school we were stay was a washer/dryer in the kitchen with this note on it. Very funny, they have a big sense of humor with the neighbor to the north, which is just a little over 300 miles from where we were.

And the last picture, I just thought it was a hoot when I was checking the time at home, it was yesterday while it was today for me. One of the mind twisters when traveling.