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Full of awe! - Susan
Very cool !!! - Janice
Lovely! - Leslie
wonderful! - Meredith
Wow Rachel! That is just incredible! - Elyse

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Very nice work... -Janice

Wow, that's gorgeous. Thousands of people will get to see your work. Congratulations.

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Stellar! - Julie

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Reminds me of a Van Gogh painting of iris - Anne

Awesome picture - Janice

See More Holland

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It was awesome.

Wow - great shot Rachel

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Beautiful - Mary
Spectacular! - Michael
Colors seen only in the cold! Lovely! - Julie That sky! How exquisite - Vanessa
Stunning - Tracey

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Gorgeous picture - Sue
Rachel, that is gorgeous! - Anna
Beautiful place-beautiful shot - Alvina
New Jersey never looked better - Pat
Magnificent!!!!! - Pam

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Reminds me of a French impressionist painting - lovely  - Lucy

"These are not photographs, they are works of art, you are a true artist."
Ginny - Cumberland County, NJ

"A true artist, Rachel's images capture that perfect moment."
Eleanor - Hurricane WV

"Cards from Weedy Acres are a cut above the mainstream.Since the photography is always outstandingly beautiful, selecting the photo to complement your message is an enjoyable, creative experience".
Barbara - San Antonia TX

"Rachel Cobb's photos capture the essence of our natural world. When I mail a Weedy Acres card,
I feel like I'm sending so much more than a greeting- I'm passing along an exquisitegift of nature.
I also frame the cards so I'm constantly reminded of the beauty that surrounds us".
Vanessa - Bergen County NJ

"We simply love, admire and are in awe of your work! You have this amazing ability to not only capture the moment, but the spirit within the moment with your photographs. Truly, each one speaks without words. It is heartwarming to know that your photographic cards are able to convey what, sometimes, words cannot."
Ann - Lancaster County PA

"I have been collecting Rachel's work for several years. She has a special ability to capture the most subtle aspects of natural beauty".
Pat - San Marcos CA

"Your photography captures the essence of the moment, words are just inadequate to describe the emotional impact of your work, one must experience it for themselves proudly display your work and look forward to the visual experience".
Debby - San Diego CA


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